TRACO Provides a sea transportation solution with competitive price. Ensure the fastest transit time. From the retail (LCL) to the raw goods container (FCL). From Vietnam to all parts of the world and vice versa.

       Traco Logistics has a prestigious global agent system. We guarantee the provision of customs, storage and warehousing services. Transporting and distributing your cargo customers quickly and securely.

       Maritime transport Service with 10 years of experience in the carriage of export and import container. With the efforts of staff over the years, Traco has become one of the leading container shipping providers in Vietnam. Output of up to 1.000 conatiner travel around the world. We have successfully established a nice and long-term partnership with most of the carriers: Maersk, CMA, OOCL, MSC, Yangminh, ONE, Hyundai, Wanhai, Heung-A, Evergreen, Cosco, MCC, SITC,...


International Container Transport

         CARGO RAW CONTAINER (FCL) IMPORT-EXPORT: Import and export from Hai Phong ports, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Quy Nhon. Other ports in the world also have competitive prices and proper shipping schedules. Main international routes: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean, North America, South America, Central & South America, Caribbean Sea, Central America.

        FREIGHT AND RETAIL CARGO-IMPORT AND EXPORT SERVICES (LCL): With the global dealer system, we provide retail collection services to direct destinations: Singapore, HongKong, Bangkok, Jakatar. When these lines have stabilized and are strongly developed both in the number of goods and service quality. We continue to develop more direct collection services. Go to the main ports of other countries: Manila, Busan, UAE, Surabaya, Japan...

       TRANSPORTATION OF THE RAW SEAFOOD CONTAINER INLAND HAI PHONG-HO CHI MINH-DANANGTraco Logistics Get the domestic container raw transport. With typical weekly cruise schedules at reasonable cost and right time.


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